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Mara Reinstein’s “Wolf of Wall…” as Corrupt as a Corporate Monopoly

In response to Mara Reinstein’s 559‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Us Weekly

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There is constructive criticism, there is tough love… and then there is plain old abuse. “Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review: Martin Scorsese’s “Exhilarating,” “Exhaustive” Ode to Wall Street Debauchery” from author Mara Reinstein is a perfect example of the latter—a trite, cynical, sucker punch of a tome that manages to generate at least as much disdain as the subject it’s based upon.

The venom can be felt the minute the unsuspecting reader sinks their teeth into this piece. It is abundantly clear the author either has no love for the subject, the task beset upon him, or both. The result is a bitter and unbridled rant that seems like it could go on forever if not for the limitations evidently set by his publisher. Fortunately, the reader is spared any further ugliness before it corrupts and jades their mind as well. It’s simply impossible to remain upbeat when reading this. No silver linings, no positive spin, indeed no light at the end of the tunnel to be seem. It’s simply a dismal report that is as depressing to witness as the topic evidently was for the author to research.

If there is some compliment to give, albeit begrudgingly, it is that the author does seem to possess some modicum of skill. He transitions smoothly from one nitpick to the next with the flow of someone casually conversing with his friends outside a theater lobby. One cannot help but feel this is, in fact, where the majority of this piece originates from. Unfortunately, a certain degree f tact is expected when conveying such a diatribe to the general public. That sorely needed filter was clearly left off here.

What could have potentially been an intelligently critical, but fair assessment, descends into a dark abyss of negativity and despair. Flee for your lives in the wake of “literature” such as this, lest it blacken your heart as the subject did the author.     

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