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Ann Hornaday’s “Harder to Love” Will Set Your Heart Aflutter

In response to Ann Hornaday’s 1101‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Washington Post

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Ann Hornaday’s “‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ review: Scorsese’s latest is easy to admire, harder to love” is easy to admire and even easier to love. In fact, it’s the best piece of film criticism this film has seen thus far and ranks as one of the most captivating creations of the year in its field.  

The writing is nothing short of breathtaking and Hornaday’s pen is as ferocious as it is nimble, a combo that sears the page with scorching critique and pitch perfect prose. Around every syntactical corner are hidden literary gems that make the soul jump for joy with such Caligulan pleasure, it almost feels like a hedonistic indulgence to read.  

This is not to say it’s self indulgent or that it overwhelms the critique with its own hyper literacy. No, the seminal writing is in service to some of the best critique you’ll ever witness.

While most critics have decried the movie’s moral excesses and stopped there, Hornaday does the real work of the critic and tells readers why both clearly and with an almost poetic cadence. Rarely does a review boast as much gorgeous depth as you’ll find here.

So stop reading this and go read Hornaday’s near perfect review.    

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