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Perry Seibert’s “Gravity: Review” Is in Need of a a Major Edit

In response to Perry Seibert’s 625‑word review of Gravity on TV Guide's Movie Guide

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Perry Seibert’s latest work, “Gravity: Review” is memorable not for excellent writing, but for the visual mess.

Upon first glance of “Gravity: Review”, readers will wonder how many people have actually read the article. There is an obvious error, and it is highly distracting. Neither Seibert nor TV Guide has fixed the paragraph breaks, and the review looks like one giant runaway train of thought. One can only hope that someone is willing to show respect to the audience and fix the mistake.

The writing of “Gravity: Review” is intriguing, despite the clunky organization. Seibert opens with up an emotional paragraph that addresses the impact of the characters in the film, and the reaction that audiences may have. The critic is successful by building up the tension slowly, hooking the reader and creating a dream-like atmosphere.

“Gravity: Review” has several cliches that one has most likely heard over and over, however the review does stand apart with the unique style of Seibert, and his willingness to paint a picture of emotion. It’s not an easy task, and one may be drained after reading the powerful work.

The splendor of the words makes the presentation’s unacceptable flaws that much more painful. Readers shouldn’t have to plow through what looks like a page of coding in order to read a movie review. Ironically enough however, in this case, they still should.    

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