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“‘The Hunger Games… ‘” by Mike Russell Bewitches With Its “Brevity”

In response to Mike Russell’s 705‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Oregonian

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It’s difficult to deny “‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘ review: Second film in series puts the ‘Hunger Games’ on par with its star”, the latest offering from Mike Russell. Lengthy verbiage and in-depth elaboration are usually red flags, implying either the author’s fear of retort from the audience, who will likely rebuke his interpretation, or blatant bias coupled with the author’s need to showcase their over-sized ego. Fortunately, neither seems to be the case here.

Russell formulates a spectacular piece of literature here, ever mindful of the facts, while not wavering on his stance. True, there is much girth here, but most of it is warranted, if not necessary, to properly illustrate the topic.

And to be honest, the enormity is welcome due to the quality of the substance within. The author creates rich imagery and riveting synopsis that draws one into his world so completely, they may not wish to leave. Indeed, the end comes far too soon and will leave the reader hungry for more.

That might be the only negative in this otherwise solid text - the “brevity”. But the mark of a true artist is to capture the heart so fully, it leaves the reader longing for more.  Hopefully, the reader will not be broken-hearted for long.    

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