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Graham Kileen’s “‘Kick-Ass 2 Boots Good Taste to the Curb” Is Neat

In response to Graham Killeen’s 355‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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In Graham Kileen’s “‘Kick-Ass 2’ Boots Good Taste to the Curb”, the review begins with a peppering of puns in the title, gags and pop culture comparisons in the opening paragraph, a Joan Rivers comparison in paragraph two, and that’s just the beginning.

But, while this gauntlet of moralizing and flippant analysis could be distracting, Kileen does the film justice by engaging with it on the ground floor. A solid plot-points round-up dovetails into the thematic differences between the first film and the current one.

Kileen’s argument, that the new film has no ideas, seems to forget it’s a movie franchise that makes money for studios and their employees. That’s the big idea!

The rather bizarre comment that the director’s previous movies don’t “really exist” is meant to be a commentary on how poorly they did and how few people saw them. But it comes off as an indictment for a director who is insane and deluded, and maybe there was no one really directing Kick-Ass 2.

It is hard to deny that the review is solid, committed, and funny, but it’s also devoid of interesting ideas. Yet somehow, it remains compelling. Perhaps Kileen is too kick-ass for his own good, as well. A second draft might have made this piece one to remember, instead of a mixed bag of analysis and derision.    

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