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John Wirt Covers the Basics in “Thor Returns”

In response to John Wirt’s 454‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

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John Wirt’s latest work, “Thor returns, likely to rule the box office,” rises above mediocrity with excellent writing, but the critic fails to offer a comprehensive critique.

The prose of Wirt is fantastic in Thor Returns.  The sentences are crisp and the words flow beautifullybut the content will make one whimper from devastation. The critic merely summarizes the film, and literally offers only a few lines of critique. The work has the appearance of something special, but Wirt essentially states that the sequel is better than the original. Why is it better? It just is.

Thor Returns mentions director Alan Taylor and his resume, but the critic says nothing about the techniques used in the film. One learns nothing about Asgard and it’s importance. Love story? Nah. Natalie Portman is named as being in the film, but Wirt doesn’t explore such things as plot or story. The critic does make brief statements on the introductory scenes, but the appearance of critique shouldn’t be confused with serious critique. One should expect a few thoughts, but overall the work is vague.

It’s hard to embrace Thor Returns because there is nothing to grasp on to. What does one learn about Thor and Chris Hemsworth? “Handsome Australian lady slayer Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor.” Enjoy, reader! If Wirt cannot expand on the main character, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he provides nothing of value about the supporting cast.

Thor Returns is dressed-up summary.    

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