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Andrea Chase’s “ESCAPE PLAN” Is Confident, Searing, and Quite Wonderful

In response to Andrea Chase’s 759‑word review of Escape Plan on Killer Movie Reviews

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Andrea Chase delivers a tour-de-force performance in “ESCAPE PLAN,” a work of art that manages to find a surprising amount of depth in its subject matter. Chase deftly takes her audience on a journey through a film that is electrifying, heartbreaking, hilarious, and moving.

Chase really gives it her all here. She didn’t see Escape Plan as a day off, she really delves into the machinery behind the film and searches tirelessly for a beating heart somewhere.

There is a very real depth of insight in PLAN, Chase outlines how and where the premise is flawed, most impressively when she takes on the subject of where Stallone’s character really gets his powers from.

Chase’s writing is really top notch. She’s able to evoke wonderful images as she describes the film’s setting. She feel effortless as she describes what the camera sees and shows. She’s equal parts baffled and mesmerized. She conveys it all to her readers brilliantly.

There’s a certain relish that Chase exudes as she changes subjects. She does so regularly, like shifting gears. There’s a certain anticipation as the film’s characters slowly fall victim to Chase’s piercing eye and searing pen. What’s most moving is how loving she is underneath her brutal exterior. The final paragraph alone is a testament to a critic’s ability to separate the players from the game. The review ends on such a perfectly minor chord it is likely to resonate with readers for days to come.    

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