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Mark Dujsik’s “‘Ender’s Game’” Has Little Affinity for Reader Engagement

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 884‑word review of Ender’s Game on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik’s “‘Ender’s Game’” is riddled with small issues that have a huge, disengaging impact on the reader that may lead to sleepiness and/or mild discomfort.

Dujsik goes straight into a critical point-of-view that piques interest—at first. His writing style then falls apart and melts into grammar issues that undermine his criticism, which is totally exacerbated by the fact that many of his words are of the pretentious academic ilk. Dujsik displays confusion over emotions and thoughts, and at times, exhibits obvious difficulty understanding the semantic and contextual implications of even the simplest words and concepts.

Review is presented in such a way that simply (or solely) attempts to deconstruct historical themes and character psyches, which readers may find tedious, as well as far-fetched. Dujsik reaches into his opinions without offering any insight to back them up. He couples such stale opinion with a rhetorical style that becomes, at best, condescending.

By the time the seventh paragraph comes into view, Review grows repetitive quickly. Without any genuinely relevant information to draw upon, Dujsik’s Ender’s Game review feels like the false afterthought of a book that was thoroughly read and a movie that was merely skimmed. By the last sentence, it’s clear that Dujsik is pleased with himself—and cares very little about the enjoyment of his readers.    

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