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Eric D. Snider’s “Ender’s Game” Is a Snide Bit of Fun

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 600‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Eric D. Snider could not be more aptly named. Not many reviews of this “naked boys playing laser tag in space” film has crackled with as much snide as “Review: Ender’s Game.”

Not many have managed to be this insightful either. So, when the sarcasm flags a bit as the review goes on, Snider’s keen vision is there to pick up the slack.

This is a premise piece and Snider’s assertion is that a film that took 28 years to make it to theaters should not have felt this slapped together. He follows that thread throughout the work, strengthening it with observations about the “crispness and clarity” of the production value, the “constantly chugging” plot, and a cast that performs “well enough.” Snider builds his case and leads it to its one overarching problem: Director Gavin Hood’s “steady, unvaried” pace make the denouement have the “same dramatic heft as everything else.”

Snider’s prose is as sharp as his wit. It flows from point to point effortlessly, taking readers along for a smooth but snarky ride. There’s a crispness to the writing here that makes Review: Ender’s an joy to read.

Snider’s given the world one of the better reviews of Ender’s Game and you owe it to yourself to go check it out.    

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