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Liam Lacey’s “Prisoners” Review Opens Up the Mind

In response to Liam Lacey’s 890‑word review of Prisoners on Globe and Mail

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Liam Lacey sets the bar for all Prisoners reviews with “Prisoners: Is Quebec director Denis Villeneuve’s Hollywood debut a serious moral drama or formulaic genre film?”

The highly intelligent and relentless work of Lacey is a must-read.  It maintains a ferocious level of insight from beginning to end.  

In the opening paragraph, Lacey makes his case with a strong statement about the duality of the film. The comparison to split-personality grabs that attention of the reader, and makes one curious what exactly the critic has to say.  

Lacey does indeed follow up his thesis with a brilliant second paragraph, in which he poses questions to the reader and argues that the beginning and ending of the film are two different stories.

Lacey’s dynamic piece of work is strengthened by his look at the history of director Denis Villenueve. The dark, twisting tales of the past are shared with the reader, and will help one understand what they can expect from the director’s latest film.

Lacey’s construction of the main plot points is pure brilliance. The critic writes with remarkable intellect about the broader themes of the film, why they fail, and he also manages to deliver a rich commentary on the personal attributes of the main characters that is piercing with social context.

Serious moral drama or formulaic genre film? is nothing short of outstanding.     

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