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Classy Insight and Blurred Vision in Anderson’s “‘Kick-Ass 2’: Costumed”

In response to Soren Anderson’s 203‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Seattle Times

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Soren Anderson grounds the reader in reality, and uses class to overcome the theme of violence in his recent review “‘Kick-Ass 2’: Costumed crime fighters. over-the-top violence.”

As the reader sits down for the latest Anderson experience, they will find themselves momentarily on a historic Nicolas Cage carpet-ride of beauty. The author’s engaging opening remarks address how a kind smile can overcome the disastrous consequences of violence.

Anderson briefly covers the pleasant qualities of the original film, and transitions into the darker themes of latest theatrical venture.

Without wielding weapons of words, Anderson’s insightful eloquence pinpoints the perceived problems, and contemplates the lack of good-natured humor. The background of actors is shifted into focus, as the reader learns the terrifying truth of violence in film.

Sorenson looks into the nature of various filters, and how broader viewpoints can gain loyal followers while staying true to the general feel of a cinematic franchise. Its all very interesting and readers will be engaged from beginning to end.

Despite a good-natured tone and likable presence, Anderson writing misses the mark as one seeks for truth beyond the red bullseye of the target. The review feels myopic and one-note, discussing nothing much more than the level of violence and the lack of Nic Cage. Better reviews can be found elsewhere.    

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