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Josh Bell’s Razor-Sharp Insight in “Any Thrills” Will Make You Holla Back

In response to Josh Bell’s 404‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Las Vegas Weekly

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Josh Bell is a madman of razor sharp insight in the crafty takedown that is “Out of the Furnace is a thriller without any thrills.” Bell-heads may whimper due to the light word count, but the work is smart enough to satisfy the casual review lover.

Any Thrills is far from a character study. Bell reduces the characters and performances to classic tortured souls without expanding and letting the reader bask in the glory of Bell-isms. The writing is effective, but the critic’s refusal to produce a hearty review is somewhat troubling.

Despite the character flaws of Any Thrills, Bell delivers with the rest of the piece. The flashy introduction delivers with a Steven Seagal reference, and the critic takes a clear stance from the start. One may take issue with thoughts on director Scott Cooper’s refusal “to allow anything resembling fun or excitement into the story,” which seems a bit strange.

Any Thrills won’t satisfy one’s desire for deep critique, but Bell’s scholarly prose cuts right to the heart of the film with tactical phrasing. One may feel overcome by the power of the Bell, and pauses after each paragraph are definitely recommended.

Bell dedicates himself to critique in Any Thrills, and sets himself apart from many critics who simply summarize.    

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