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“Rural America” by Dennis Schwartz Has Some Major Flaws

In response to Dennis Schwartz’s 724‑word review of Prisoners on Ozus' World Movie Reviews

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The latest work by Dennis Schwartz has a fantastic title: “A chilling suspense thriller about child kidnappings in rural America that is brilliantly directed by French Canadian director Denis Villenueve.” One will surely meditate on the monster title, but be slightly disappointed with the review as a whole.

Rural America opens with a statement which is actually just repeating the film’s title. It’s all a bit strange, but the lengthy paragraph is a nice start and effectively sums up the thoughts of the critic. Readers will be pleased by the thorough introduction and reposition themselves in their seat.

The following two paragraphs consist mostly of plot summary, and Schwartz does little to separate his work from other reviews. The critic offers a bit more information than is needed, and seems to be explaining plot devices rather than recognizing where to stop. The reader will likely be disappointed, and ponder if Schwartz is also going to provide a video in which he acts out the entire film.

The middle paragraph of Rural America is a classic case of one long run-on sentence, and it will make the reader highly uncomfortable.

Rural America peaks, if you can call it that, with the acknowledgement of cinematographer Roger Deakins and a look at the work of director Denis Villenueve. Schwartz closes out with statements about what he liked, but nothing that resembles a full analysis.

If one is extremely bored then Rural America may be appealing, otherwise don’t bother.    

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