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Mark Dujsik’s “Prisoners (2013)” Is a Brutal, Effective Takedown

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 842‑word review of Prisoners on Mark Reviews Movies

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With “Prisoners (2013)”, critic Mark Dujsik takes off the kid gloves and uses them to slap the film Prisoners about the face and head with them. The gloves may be soft and made of a fine, smooth leather, but it’s a savage beating nonetheless.

“Prisoners (2013)” acts as a deconstruction of sorts, tearing down the film by using its own aspirations against it. That’s what makes this particular takedown such a bitter pill; everything the filmmakers probably thought they did best ends up as fodder for Dujsik’s critical cannon.

He tears them apart so thoroughly and methodically that there is little room to doubt that his criticisms are fully informed ones. You don’t pan a film this elegantly unless you’ve got a real axe to grind, the sort of axe that comes from sitting through over two hours of a movie you genuinely dislike.

It takes a critic with skill and finesse to write a review this negative without coming across as a bitter, cynical grump. Dujsik pulls it off, though. His criticisms are so well-reasoned that even those that disagree with him will have to at least respect the courage of his convictions. “Prisoners (2013)” is a fine piece of work from a truly skilled critic.    

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