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Tasha Robinson Channels Andre Bazin in “Ender’s Game”

In response to Tasha Robinson’s 975‑word review of Ender’s Game on The Dissolve

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If there were ever a time to rekindle your love for film critique, this is it. Tasha Robinson’s “Ender’s Game” will remind you of the times your family would gather around the fireplace, your father’s face flickering in the light as he read from his giant book of film reviews taken from a bygone era when critique was still critique. “Those were the days”, he would whisper, as you drifted off to sleep to dream of Anthony Lane and André Bazin.

Okay, so Robinson’s piece may not harken back (or even come close) to the venerable Mr. Bazin, but it is a work of staggering brilliance, and, so far, the best review anyone has offered for Ender’s Game.

Robinson gets philosophical without being pompous. She asks profound questions and then, unlike other critics, she (gasp!) answers them. She discusses the political ramifications (or lack thereof) the film poses and puts them into perspective. But, most importantly, she offers salient, gorgeously breathtaking critique that will leave readers in stunned silence and marveling at their perfection.

Fans of the art of film criticism rejoice! This is near perfection. Robinson has done all the cogitative legwork and yours is just to lie back and enjoy.    

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