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Christopher Orr Is a Voice to Trust in “Spectacular Simplicity”

In response to Christopher Orr’s 901‑word review of Gravity on The Atlantic

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The question posed by Christopher Orr at the beginning of “The Spectacular Simplicity of Gravity,” is an extravagant open to an equally luxurious review. The review is the red carpet leading to the ball of cinema, and Orr is your grandmaster.

Spectacular Simplicity finds a way to immediately connect with the audience, and also with film history, with a highly intellectual perspective and cinematic reference. The immense power of the critic’s work will be felt through the dynamic words.

The plot summary of Spectacular Simplicity is nothing special at first glance, however it serves a higher purpose. Immeasurable respect is shown to the audience by refusing the take them down the road of spoilers. Orr sticks to his word, as opposed to the critic who make the same promise, but fails to understand that even the smallest details can be considered spoilers by the more sensitive in the audience.

A paragraph is dedicated to the study of visuals in Spectacular Simplicity, and the critic will not only make one laugh, but also offers a relevant take on the modern state of cinema.

Spectacular Simplicity sets itself apart with a fair look at the flaws of the film. Orr’s observations may not be popular, but his examination is undeniably clinical and precise.

Just like the first sentence of the review, the final words of the Spectacular Simplicity will make one think out-of-the-box. It’s a great conclusion to a fascinating read.    

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