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Pete Vonder Haar’s “Easily Distracted” Is Fun Spaceball Criticism

In response to Pete Vonder Haar’s 845‑word review of Ender’s Game on Houston Press

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Pete Vonder Haar is a mad genius. The most recent work of the critic, “Reviews for the Easily Distracted: Ender’s Game,” will make one giggle but also excite the mind.

Before Vonder Haar begins the “critical analysis” of Easily Distracted, he provides several short snippets of knowledge and humor to prep the reader. It’s a fun way to make the plot summary interesting, and it paves the way for Vonder Haar’s excellent take on the film. The critic even hooks up the audience with a trailer halfway through which is a special treat.

The analysis section of Easily Distracted is not only clearly labeled for the reader, but one can see that Vonder Haar is not messing around. The writing is full of life, but more importantly the critique raises several important questions and offers plenty to think about in regard to society and the pressures of youth.

Easily Distracted has already informed the readers of the basics, which makes the critique tight and thoroughly engaging. Vonder Haar breaks down the idea of child soldiers, and investigates what the film lost from the original novel. The critic injects some comedy at all the right moments, and overall the critique is definitely worthwhile. Vonder Haar concludes with an excellent commentary on the personal views of author Orson Scott Card.

Easily Distracted is a humorous and intellectual space ball of criticism.    

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