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Bill Goodykoontz’s “3 Stars” Is a Critique?

In response to Bill Goodykoontz’s 529‑word review of The Counselor on Arizona Republic

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Bill Goodykoontz provides a weak effort in his truly disappointing “The Counselor, 3 stars.” The critic submits himself to the trend of failing to provide a genuine critique because of a displeasure for the film. Devoted readers may weep as Goodykoontz sadly neglects their needs.

3 stars cannot be called a “critique,” because all the critic can manage to put together is a description of the film. The writing is uninspired, and probably never moreso than the unbelievably boring opening.

Goodykoontz follows a structure in 3 stars that consists of a brief summary of a theme followed up by a lazy sentence. If there is anything in the review worth noting, it is this small appearance of effort. When something this simple is the defining feature of a “critique”, the readers surely must know it’s time to move on to someone else who seems to care about the craft.

The conclusion of 3 stars offers the audience the following statement: “Most of the actors do what they do best,” so there you go reader—that is all for you. Goodykoontz’s work comes to an end after a few more vague statements, and one will contemplate if their best friend could not have conveyed the same thoughts.

3 stars is a lackluster bore that fails to do anything more than describe a film.    

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