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Travis Hopson’s “Movie Review: ’Prisoners’, Starring...” Worthy and Insightful

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Travis Hopson’s “Movie Review: ‘Prisoners’, Starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal (Photos)” is a prime example of an outstanding movie review. Hopson begins with a strong insight about Prisoners, and he continues on an exceptional path of quality discernment.

The review offers intriguing themes, relevant plot pieces, and an excellent character breakdown for the reader to consider, and Hopson does this without participating in spoiler subterfuge.

Hopson passes the editorial grammar test with an “A,” and his writing style is engaging enough to keep the reader’s interest piqued until the end. He also provides solid opinions backed by supporting examples that don’t posture around with the introspective mannequins some reviewers have hidden in their closets.

Unfortunately, The Examiner page where the review is presented forcefully pushes a gross display of advertisements at the reader, which is the only blemish in this otherwise expert review.

Hopson pitches each paragraph perfectly and intrigues the reader to watch Prisoners: this review is obviously written by a guy who should be writing for a much better venue. The reader can only hope his stellar work will not be lost in the mire of other, less worthy reviewers.

Hopson delivers a very balanced review that is perfectly designed for the potential movie watcher of Prisoners.    

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