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Bill Gibron “Gravity” Is Out of This World

In response to Bill Gibron’s 621‑word review of Gravity on Film Racket

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Bill Gibron’s “Gravity” is a bundle of both intellectual and aesthetic brain food. Upon opening the website, the reader is immediately taken into the film’s world.

The design of the website Film Racket is brilliantly popping with black, whites, and reds to catch the readers attention. With silhouettes of directors and a film crew to welcome it’s audience into the site, this review already jumps off the page and into the stimulated mind of those viewing it. Scrolling down slightly, the review is centrally located and ready for reading.

Surrounding its words on both sides are different boxes containing other recent reviews, top box office charts, trailers for other films correlating to Gravity, and star rating systems for all films previously mentioned. Before the reader has even begun their journey through the review, the surrounding ambiance of the site lures in the audience to prepare them to truly enjoy the read.

Starting the review, Gibron immediately darts forward in appraisal for the masterpiece he believes this film to be. In so doing, he launches his readers into a review of crafted wordage, proper grammatical use, and cohesive arguments full of proper evidence. The length is perfect, the pacing is just right, the language is robust, it’s a triumph.

Gibron’s Gravity wraps all aspects of summary and opinion together for a balanced review. Both the writing and the visuals for this review make it a must-read. What are you waiting for?   

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