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Matthew Toomey Reveals His Golf-Film-Reading Dilemma in “Review: Hunger”

In response to Matthew Toomey’s 651‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on ABC Radio Brisbane

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The pleasant tone and superior Hunger Games mind of Matthew Toomey makes his latest work, “Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” a pleasant surprise. It’s a likable piece of art, and one will certainly submit themselves to the experience while in the moment.  

Review: Hunger has a nice conversational feel, and Toomey welcomes the reader with a brief but powerful tale of the written word. It turns out that Toomey enjoys a little golf with his cinema, and isn’t always able to muster up the energy for the difficult task of reading. Despite the stress of golf, Toomey has managed to read the first two books of the franchise, and one will certainly bow down as he reveals his secret powers.

Toomey presents the reader with a nice background of the plot, which helps one prepare for the duration of the review. The critic reflects on the societal problems of the film, and also reminds the reader  that “you won’t be feeling as emotional as the characters in the games themselves.” One shall find comfort in this powerful statement.

The final two paragraphs of Hunger Games are quite disappointing, as Toomey merely acknowledges the lead performer, Jennifer Lawrence, and director Francis Lawrence without expanding and closing the review in style.

Review: Hunger shows a sincere appreciation for the reader, but many could become concerned about the amount of golf that Toomey appears to be playing.    

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