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Andy Lea’s “Catching Fire” Makes TMZ Look Deep

In response to Andy Lea’s 680‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Daily Star

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The Daily Star is a popular tabloid in the U. K. , and, as such, expecting a profound, probing review of the latest entry in the Hunger Games juggernaut franchise would be lunacy. What you should expect from said outlet is an off hand, trivial piece of fluff á la TMZ and that’s exactly what you’ve got in Andy Lea’s “Review and trailer: The Hunger Games—Catching Fire (12A).”

Treated with equal import as the breaking news about Gemma Atkinson revealing her beach butt in a new selfie, Catching Fire is a review custom fitted for bored nitwits and demonstrates as much depth as a kiddie pool.

Every sentence comes with a paragraph break (putting two sentences together would be too taxing for their readers) and the prose is kept on a fifth grade level so the mushy brains of every imbecile reading it will remain untouched.

Same goes for the criticisms. They’re superficial and marshmallowy enough to ensure no actual insights will accidentally penetrate the delicate idiocy of their audience.

If celebrity love connections and Kim Kardashian’s tummy tuck float your boat or you think 50 Shades of Gray is well written, this will be perfect for you.

Everyone else, stay far, far away.    

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