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Granger’s “The World’s End” Will Have Many Praying for the Apocalypse

In response to Susan Granger’s 343‑word review of The World's End on SSG Syndicate

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It’s really too bad the comments section is closed on Susan’s review of “The World’s End.” Her spoiler heavy extended plot outline is sure to give fans plenty to talk about and not in a good way.

To reuse previous language this is a spoiler heavy extended synopsis, nothing more nothing less; although there are probably plenty of readers who would have prayed for far far less. This egregious review offends on too many points to list; the first major gripe is that it calls itself a review, and only bothers to assign an arbitrary rating to the film as an afterthought at its conclusion.

Adding insult to injury Granger has decided to go ahead and include major spoilers to pad her meager offering.  She seems to write “SPOILER ALERT” with pride.  It’s as though she welcomes the controversy, drawing the audience’s attention to the fact her “review” contains spoilers.

The only way this review could be any worse is if it was carcinogenic and strangled baby seals. Yes, if you aren’t looking for analysis of story, characters, cinematography, score, or acting then by all means check this Susan’s synopsis out, but if you want to use your time wisely then avoid this review like a vegan would avoid a medium rare steak.    

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