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Ben Kendrick’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’” Immerses, Explains & Entertains

In response to Ben Kendrick’s 1146‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on ScreenRant

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Ben Kendrick’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review” is a thorough review that portrays entertaining exposition and stellar presentation. Although lengthy, readers are likely to grab some popcorn and enjoy the creative vision and voice until the very end!

Kendrick gives an excellent plot rundown intro that immediately engages, and he successfully builds upon content from there in order to keep the reader glued to their seats. He consistently offers insightful opinions backed by reasonable examples. He adroitly touches on character development like a lit professor with charisma, providing analysis that is extremely thorough with all of the main characters. Kendrick accomplishes exactly what a movie reviewer should—immerse the reader with artistic style and relevant information without grammar, flow, or analytical issues.

Review also delivers an outstanding, aesthetically pleasing presentation, with clear font and excellent background color. There are intriguing pictures from Thor: The Dark World that are showcased at just the right moments between paragraphs. Any reader weary and leery of pop-up advertisements and ugly, buggy web-pages will not find any of that with Review’s venue.

Readers may have only quip here: Kendrick slips into repeating specific words and similar opinions on occasion. Given its lengthiness, he could have easily shaved about two-hundred words off to ensure more readers would continue reading the review in its entirety. Yet, in spite of its length, Kendrick is surprisingly adept at balancing the sheer amount of content that he provides.

While Review doesn’t escape all of the pitfalls one might encounter in a reading experience, it definitely ups the ante for fresh movie review writing and publication presentation, making it a preferred choice among venues and writers. Heading to a local theater to see Thor: The Dark World is likely to occur after reading this review, and no one will walk away underwhelmed.    

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