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“Escape Plan: Film Review” Finds Todd McCarthy Likable and Witty as Ever

In response to Todd McCarthy’s 807‑word review of Escape Plan on Hollywood Reporter

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Todd McCarthy’s as likable as ever in his turn at the helm on “Escape Plan: Film Review,” which finds the veteran critic dappling yet another fine effort with wit and charm.

While it feels a little “samesy” at times, Escape Plan: Film Review can’t be faulted much for it—from the very beginning, it’s a delightful journey that’s at turns reflective, critical, sagacious, and overall quite entertaining.

Descriptions of a jail cell seem to imply Bentham’s panopticon and causes the reader to wonder just what Foucaultian adventure they’re in: in a world that exists to impede agency, action stars who thrive on the maximal amount of action will have to find some way to make do. Whether the execution is genius or gerrymandered is dealt with handily by McCarthy.

Escape Plan: Film Review has an undercurrent of weariness that’s impossible to ignore. It’s beleaguered by a type of by-the-motions storytelling that it shirks with sharp language and clever diction. Readers can expect to be a little exhausted at the end, but only because the work expects them to think, not just to read.

There are a few missteps: one of the characters is introduced as Portos, “the fourth musketeer,” which an auteur like McCarthy certainly knows is not the case. A spoilerish tinge in the third act isn’t typical of his finest work. Calls to action mar the piece’s readability.

Nevertheless, most will find this an entirely worthwhile and capable effort.  Escape Plan: Film Review asks much of its audience, and gives much back in return.    

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