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There Are Gems to Be Found in Alan Schertuhl’s “Great and Terrible Hobbit”

In response to Alan Scherstuhl’s 1202‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Village Voice

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It might be understandable if the audience decided to give up early on Alan Scherstuhl’s “The Great and Terrible Hobbit.” But stick with it, because once you get through the admittedly confusing opening, there are a lot of gems to be scavenged from this critic’s work. By the time you’re done, you’ll find that you have a nice shiny collection on your hands.

It’s hard to even know at first how the reviewer feels about the film. But it soon becomes evident that he likes it. He’s not afraid to criticize the film industry’s penchant (as he sees it) to offer “big, dumb adventure spectacles.” But while acknowledging similarities to these very spectacles, he admits to having a good time with this movie.

Its observations like this one, and the engaging way he talks to the audience, that makes Great and Terrible such fresh and fun entertainment. Yes, Schertstuhl does have a tendency to borderline ramble but then out pops one of those gems again that makes you think, “let’s keep going. There might be some more for me to dig out of here.”

So reading Great and Terrible is a bit like having to eat the crust to get to the good part of the sandwich.  But the “good part” is oh so worth it, you’ll want to keep eating.    

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