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Jason Best’s “Planet Earth Is Blue” Is Lukewarm and Underdeveloped

In response to Jason Best’s 358‑word review of Gravity on Movie Talk

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Jason Best’s “Film review Gravity—Planet Earth is blue… and Sandra Bullock’s novice astronaut is lost in space” is a short, tonally confused, and often laughable affair.

Best’s is another example of a review that seeks to realistically portray Gravity by mentioning its flaws, fails to explain or justify them, and then gives the film a glowing recommendation regardless. By taking this unfortunate road, Best gives his readers only negative things to look for in the film, all the while assuring how wonderful it is going to be.

In Planet Earth is blue though, the problems aren’t this simply. Questionable uses of simile complicate things.  When seeking to describe how far one’s credulity will be stretched by the film’s drama, Best compares it to “an astronaut’s tether line.” While certainly thematically related, the image certainly doesn’t do much to convince readers that their credulity will be stretched very far.

With a work so short, one would expect Planet Earth is blue to focus in on some salient points and explore them quickly. Best doesn’t take this approach, rather trying to cross the spectrum of subjects in his small space, resulting in a surface deep work that never really lets the audience get a foothold.    

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