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Phil Villarreal’s “Review: Gravity” Is Laugh-Out-Loud and Smart

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The entertaining style and superb insight of Phil Villarreal will make readers sit in their chairs for several minutes after reading “Gravity Movie Review.”

Many may begin having doubts after three film references and a QVC nod in the first paragraph of Review: Gravity, however Villarreal makes it work, and incites genuine laughter without being over-the-top.

Review: Gravity has moments where Villarreal appears to be losing focus, however he always ropes in his references by making a tight connection with the film at hand. The critic gently brings the characters/actors down to earth, and is never disrespectful or rude.

Although Review: Gravity is a solid and highly entertaining piece of work, one will recognize opportunities where Villarreal could have offered a bit more to the reader, such as in the plot summary, rather than including a Kardashian reference. As noted, the style of the critic is intriguing and works overall, but there is also much room for improvement.

The conclusion of Review: Gravity displays a strong understanding of the audience, as Villarreal steps back from the comedy, and provides a substantial and inquisitive close for his loyal readers.

Review: Gravity is one of the better reviews as far as comedy, but also brings much more to the table.    

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