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Anders Wright Gets Heavy in “A Sad Trip to ‘Nebraska’”

In response to Anders Wright’s 727‑word review of Nebraska on San Diego Union-Tribune

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Anders Wright proves he is not a “meat-and-potatoes” guy (not that that’s a bad thing) in “A sad trip to ‘Nebraska’,” his take on Alexander Payne’s newest road trip film.

Wright waxes poetic in the opening, quoting Milton and getting philosophical about the Great American Road Trip. All the dry intellectualism threatens to sink the piece from the outset under the weight of its own pomposity, but he does ultimately manage to keep its head just above the water.

Still, Sad Trip could use a little more levity of tone. It takes on the grey sullenness of the film a little too much and the result is a well composed piece of criticism that feels a bit heavy.

The writing is expertly crafted, no one will argue against that. There are some wonderfully profound critiques here and Wright’s prose has the syntactical clarity to keep some pretty disparate ideas in the air throughout.

The heaviness builds toward what would be an equally weighty finish, but a typo (or a confusing sentence?) in the last paragraph takes all the sting out of it.

If you’re looking for a hyper cerebral, highbrow take on Nebraska, this is the review for you.    

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