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Greg Maki’s “Review: Counselor” Inspires an Open Letter to Reader

In response to Greg Maki’s 346‑word review of The Counselor on Star-Democrat (Easton, MD)

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“Most people—good and bad—will suffer and only the worst will prevail? That kind of overwhelming cynicism is not why I go to the movies. “—Greg Maki

Dear reader: Greg Maki didn’t like The Counselor so you will sadly not be receiving a legit critique with “REVIEW: The Counselor.” The cynicism of the film is clearly too much for the critic (yes, a “critic”) to bear, and he decided to call it a day. Please don’t be disturbed. The new “thing” in criticism is to half-ass it when you’re not totally impressed. One now produces a thorough critique for only films that are enjoyed, which will surely lead into a strange new world of film criticism.

Gone are the days when a critic did more than merely identify the main characters and actors by name, and attempted to produce eloquent thoughts about not only the flaws of a film, but the redeeming features as well. Maki strips down the concept of film criticism to basic description and bewilderment. If there is any humor to be found, it lies underneath the tiny bit of analysis which is barely visible to begin with.

One can only guess what Greg Maki was hoping to accomplish with REVIEW: The, and he clearly has little respect for the general reader.  Good luck, reader.  REVIEW: The is a dismal experience.    

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