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Julian Roman’s “Wall Street” Isn’t a Sure Bet

In response to Julian Roman’s 866‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on MovieWeb

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Julian Roman’s “The Wolf of Wall Street: Review By Julian Roman” finds the critic in a chatty mood—this one clocks in at a good 300 words more than his usual efforts. So, the question is, does the excess here equate to a better outing for Mr. Roman.

The answer is a caveated “yes.” This piece is, inarguably, an improvement for the critic. For one, he’s managed to remain spoiler free throughout (a failing he’s been rightly criticized for in the past) and there are moments here that hint at a critic whose best work is ahead of him if he can clean up a few of the nagging issues that have kept his efforts in the realm of the amateur.  

Unfortunately, this one still suffers from some of the same obstacles as ever.  

The writing is inconsistent. There are times when Roman proves himself to be a competent scribe with a sentence that really shines, but, more often than not, the prose struggles to find a reliable tone and a surfeit of varietally impaired sentences drag the proceedings into the doldrums.

Many of the critiques work, but several ring hollow and end up feeling like filler. This is a step in the right direction, but it still looks like a long staircase from here.     

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