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Gary Wolcott’s No-Nonsense Approach in “Missing the Fire” Works Well

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 390‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Tri-City Herald

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You’re not going to want to rush home to put Gary Wolcott’s ““Out of the Furnace: it’s missing the fire” on the shelf next to your collection of best film reviews ever written. That being said, Missing the Fire does its job quite well, and with a touch of style.

Wolcott doesn’t fall into the trap of giving out a long-winded plot synopsis. He gives the reader the essentials, creating a little bit of mystery in the process. He knows how to entice the reader and keep him reading. In doing so, he does not disappoint.

Wolcott knows here how to make his points succinctly. Telling the audience that “the plot meanders all over the place for 90 minutes or so” before the film finally gets to its point is just one example of how well he tells the audience what he thinks about the film without wasting the audience’s time. He also makes sure to point out the film’s positives, as he does when talking about the performances of the actors. He knows it’s his job to tell it how he sees it (and tell it well) and let the audience decide whether they want to see the film or not.

Wolcott’s no-nonsense approach serves him well in Missing the Fire, making this a more than worthwhile read.    

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