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Jordan Hoffman Is in Rare Form in Superior “Escape Plan”

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 296‑word review of Escape Plan on New York Daily News

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While Jordan Hoffman makes quick work of storytelling in “‘Escape Plan,’ movie review,” he makes smart work of storytelling as well, elevating the piece to must-read status.

It’s brisk entertainment at its briskest, and when Hoffman winks at his audience throughout Escape Plan, it’s because he knows they’re on the same page. Character sketches are particularly praise-worthy (and alliterative): a security consultant is sniped as “the world’s most muscle-bound;” there’s a “techno-thug” hacker, a “British bruiser,” and a “wormy warden.”

Rarely is a review so pleasing to the ear.

Rarely, too, is a review this brief so coherent. There’s a whole story told in several brief paragraphs, each a logical successor of the one before, but each adding another dimension to the work. It’s like one of those super-compact houses that somehow manages to fit every luxury within, making use of every square inch—rather, every square column-inch—of its space.

Escape Plan overflows with entertainment value, warranting repeat readings as soon as it’s finished.  

By never pretending to be more than it is, Hoffman’s excellent Escape Plan rises to become far greater than the sum of its parts. The auteur is in rare form in this exciting work, which warrants one of this season’s highest recommendations.    

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