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Duralde’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’” Review” Is a Thunderously Good Read

In response to Alonso Duralde’s 662‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Wrap

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It can’t be easy to capture the epic grandeur of a worlds-spanning tale of Norse gods in a single movie review of moderate length. Alonso Duralde is up to the task, though, with his newest effort, “‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review: A Stirring, If Not Mighty, Return for the Thunder God.”

The title itself is epic enough by itself, but then Duralde conveys a sense of the movie’s scale without spoiling the plot, and all while conveying to the reader a well-formulated opinion of the film. While Duralde does a fair amount of explicating—more than might normally be tolerable, in fact—here it is in service to a movie that is complicated enough to need a bit of that.

Without that explication, it would be nigh impossible to impress upon the reader what works and doesn’t work about the movie. Superhero movies can be especially terrible when done poorly, and Duralde is faced with the task of assuring readers that they can suspend a little disbelief and have some fun.

Because really, fun is what reviews like ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review are all about. Readers are looking for the chance to kick back, munch on some microwave popcorn, and let the review take them for an entertaining, not-too-serious ride.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review succeeds in doing just that. It both entertains and enlightens, and all while managing to not be as silly as a review of a movie about a Norse god superhero could easily be.    

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