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Joe Lozito’s “Gravity Review” Prefers to Wade in the Shallow End

In response to Joe Lozito’s 624‑word review of Gravity on Big Picture Big Sound

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Joe Lozito’s “Gravity Review” is the kid in class who primarily relies on the curve to do well. He gets high enough grades to not fall towards the bottom, but never excels much beyond that.

This by the numbers effort gives plenty of kudos to the actress and manages not to spoil the film for potential theatergoers. Yet outside of that, the write-up does little else. A shame considering that the introduction went to all the trouble to mention 2001: a Space Odyssey.

Additional praise is given to Gravity‘s exceptional visuals but just from watching any number of the film’s trailers the average movie-going public could assume the film would be a visual splendor. Lozito is basically preaching to the choir at this point, which would be fine if the sermon were fantastic. Sadly, it’s the kind that leaves half the choir sleeping.

Considering the relative simplicity of the plot it seems Lozito went out of the way to be overly expositorious.  Lozito takes it upon himself to spoon feed his readers the details of the film. It gives a whole new meaning to TMI.

There really isn’t much to hate about the review but to say it deserves to be near the top or the bottom would be to give “Gravity Review“ too much credit. Lozito’s review sort of limps along not giving enough effort to be first but doing just enough not to be last. Welcome to average.    

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