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“‘Escape Plan’ Movie Review” Finds Michael O’Sullivan in Top Form

In response to Michael O'Sullivan’s 675‑word review of Escape Plan on Washington Post

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Michael O’Sullivan puts on a master class in film critique in “‘Escape Plan’ Movie Review”, which navigates a perfect balancing act between serious commentary and breathtakingly droll humor. Here we have an artist in complete control of his craft, and it’s a thing of beauty to witness.

O’Sullivan thankfully wastes little time in recapping, instead using his space to aim his prodigious wit at the film’s two aging stars, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. One has had “one Botox injection too many” and the other’s “got a mouth full of Novocaine”, which doesn’t matter because “in case you’ve forgotten, neither Stallone nor Schwarzenegger can act.”

But he’s such a virtuoso that his lampooning never comes off as bitter or vitriolic, just insightful and funny. O’Sullivan’s a veteran maestro, waving his baton in all the right places, keeping the tempo fresh and the beats in perfect time, never dwelling too long on one note, but moving effortlessly from point to point with unparalleled skill. His impeccable metaphors are well-timed, genuinely hilarious, and never superfluous; each one unerringly in subservience to O’Sullivan’s ideas.

This is a review that begs readers to look closer, then rewards them for it. Not to be missed.    

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