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Al Alexander Touches the Void in “Heavenly Performance”

In response to Al Alexander’s 863‑word review of Gravity on The Patriot Ledger

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Al Alexander feels like the excited friend that can’t stop talking in, “MOVIE REVIEW: Bullock gives a heavenly performance in Gravity. “ The general tone of the critic in Heavenly Performance is always energetic, but reaches the outer limits of annoyance as well.

In the mindful opening paragraph, Alexander offers a unique tidbit for the reader to chew on, however by the second paragraph Alexander is noting “the epitome of heavenly bodies” of the leads. Readers will begin to wonder whether or not Alexander is going to be able to stay on track. Fortunately for all, he does.

Heavenly Performance is a unique reading experience, and manages to fill a void that is often left unfilled by the common review: character analysis. Al Alexander shows a deep amount of respect for his readers by not only supplying information about the director’s accomplishments, but also a lengthy narrative on the performances of the leads.

Alexander’s creativity runs wild in Heavenly Performance, and his liftoff allows him to find unique perspectives on the subtleties of acting that will please the reader. He supplies laughs at times, though not all of his attempts are successful.

The final paragraph closes graciously and gives the review a pleasing sense of closure. Though there are better reviews out there, you won’t regret spending a few minutes with Alexander and his Heavenly Performance.    

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