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Jeff Meyers’ “‘Gravity’ Is Breathtaking” Is Smarmy

In response to Jeff Meyers’s 663‑word review of Gravity on Orlando Weekly

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Jeff Meyers’ “‘Gravity’ is breathtaking” is a maudlin, hokey review that is unbearably filled with far too many adjectives and adverbs. Meyers writing style is hopelessly descriptive, and because he focuses entirely too much on mood, the reader feels rather bludgeoned to death by his breezy banality.

Just when the review enters the plot zone, Meyers fails to establish reader rapport by adding dashes of verbose pretentiousness. His sentimentality is so distracting that the relevant information he presents gets lost in strings of self-tooting, luxuriating phraseology, so the audience becomes trapped in a sense of infinite loneliness. It’s the natural result of low-oxygen writing.

Meyers goes on to indulge in a scene he feels expresses “three-dimensional poetry,” but the reader will surely understand at this point that this reviewer cares little about ill-placed rhyming, profundity, insight, critical analysis, or spoilage. This conventional approach to review writing has potential, but only if Meyers learns how to edit his spacescape in a way to avoid 0ver-adjective usage.

While the reader might sigh with relief (and stop teeth-clenching) upon seeing that the review is almost finished, claustrophobic helplessness may settle-in when he or she discovers that the review continues onto a second page. This is not an instance of art with Gravity.    

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