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Confident Marc Mohan Tackles “Gravity” With Skill

In response to Marc Mohan’s 608‑word review of Gravity on Oregonian

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No review exists in a vacuum, and indeed, Marc Mohan’s “‘Gravity’ review: Bodies in terrifying motion” seems to understand that. As such he delivers a skilled review that, for the times it becomes “samesy,” manages to add enough to the conversation that most should appreciate his contribution this Gravity season.

Delineating between the philosophical and the thrilling launches this piece with a phenomenal zest. As Morrissey once suggested, it’s unclear whether the body rules the mind or vice-versa. Mohan feels no need to answer this for his audience—by the time they’re in his second act, they’ll be set to figure it out on their own.

Deftly dealing with a bit of foreseen criticism, Bodies in Motion seems to defend the prosaic in a way the 19th-century Romantics would doubtlessly have loved. Simplicity does not always equal pedestrianism, and a stunning defense of that is made with the gut-wrenching discomfort of Bodies in Motion. Here Mohan deals with visual mastery by applying linguistic mastery, and the effect is thrilling.

What’s lacking from the piece is really any standalone something—it’s a delicate and skillful retread of familiar territory, but a retread nonetheless. There’s plenty to enjoy in Bodies in Motion but very little that comes across as surprising.

This is a very skilled approach to the review form that audiences are sure to love, even though it doesn’t take that great leap forward into unknown territory.    

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