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“Reviews: Gravity” by Avi Offer Shows Potential but Is Visually Stressful

In response to Avi Offer’s 383‑word review of Gravity on NYC Movie Guru

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The visual presentation and unique opinions of Avi Offer make “Reviews for October 4th, 2013: Gravity” an interesting read, but unfortunately it’s neither enlightening nor very useful.

Reviews: Gravity looks to be dressed to impress, but it’s unique look loses its appeal quickly, ultimately coming across as strange and unappealing. The Heart/Brain/Courage chart is a unique touch, indicating a radically different approach to film criticism, however most will find the overall look  to be stressful.

The opening paragraph of Reviews: Gravity provides a brief plot synopsis that is not only boring, but completely forgettable as the critic offers nothing for the reader to get excited about. A clear opinion or statement at the onset could have been beneficial.

Offer steps up his game by the second paragraph and tightens up the writing. The opinions of the critic may polarize, which make the review slightly memorable despite a strange idea that something “new” should happen in space. One will certainly respect the opinions of the critic, but be confused by the logic.

The basic problem with Reviews: Gravity is that there is enormous potential in the words of Offer, however he fails to expand for his readers. Perhaps Offer can make revisions for the future, however Reviews: Gravity can be avoided due to lack of imagination and disappointing execution of what was otherwise an exciting idea.    

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