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Scott Weinberg’s “Review: ‘The World’s End’” Delights With a Casual Vibe

In response to Scott Weinberg’s 669‑word review of The World's End on FEARnet

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True genius is making the complicated simple and effortless, something Scott Weinberg does masterfully in “FEARnet Movie Review: ‘The World’s End’”. Weinberg is spry, witty, and light on his feet as he nimbly moves through his thoughts, making this a quick and satisfying read.

Weinberg’s eschews the typical stuffy voice for a tone that has no airs and he thankfully treats pretension like a ranting lunatic on the subway, giving it as wide a berth as possible (e. g. his excessive use of parentheses is just the right kind of lazy). His prose is positively bursting with lively language in praise of this supernatural buddy comedy.

This casual tone takes nothing away from his criticism. In fact, there’s more genuine substance here than you’ll find in your run-of-the-mill scholarly review and, for a film like this, do you really need a diatribe on archetypal motifs and Jungian examinations? No, you don’t.

Phrases like “… flick that kicks ass on all genres…” may not put Weinberg in the running for the next Pulitzer, but who cares? Yes, this style may not work with, say, Schindler’s List, but here it is pitch perfect and will leave little doubt as to how to spend your dough at the cineplex this weekend.    

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