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Roger Moore Has a License to Critique in “Out of the Furnace”

In response to Roger Moore’s 589‑word review of Out of the Furnace on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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The International Man of Movies, Roger Moore, is back with “Movie Nation: ‘Out of the Furnace’,” a generally satisfying review that works despite several troublesome flaws.

First, the good news: Moore strikes a nice balance between plot recap and criticism. Many critics summarize as a means to pad their reviews with filler and avoid doing any real criticism, but Moore never cuts corners in his analysis. He’s put in the mental and physical work here and it shows in spades; The “vivid rusting, roughneck milieu” is “sharply drawn” but director Scott Cooper “lets the brawling and the bigger-than-big performances get the better of him, and his story.”

It’s insightful stuff and Moore’s prose mostly pulls it off, but there are a few moments where awkward phrasing or the misuse of a comma threatens to derail the entire piece. It also suffers from that lack of easy fluidity that separates the goods from the greats—this is mostly due to a few artless transitions that fail to shift, like a car with a faulty transmission.

Moore’s got the chops to transcend the amateur critic moniker, but he’s got to do something about the site’s visuals, which scream generic and make his quality content difficult to swallow.    

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