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“The Counselor” by Scott Tobias Sets the Bar Extremely High

In response to Scott Tobias’s 612‑word review of The Counselor on The Dissolve

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Scott Tobias has ushered in the first wave of reviews for The Counselor with a quiet masterpiece. The latest work of the critic, “The Counselor,” sets the bar extremely high with elegant writing and a calm sense of confidence. One may hope for a Behind-The-Scenes video based on the exquisite work of the critic.

Tobias’ The Counselor opens with a commentary on the main themes of author Cormac McCarthy’s novels, and what one can expect to find in his screenwriting. Tobias makes a fascinating correlation to a classic movie villain, and provides the reader with a small dose of context that opens the gates for an all out sublime analysis of the film.

Once the reader has been primed in Tobias‘  The Counselor, the critic introduces the cast to the audience. One will likely picture a luxurious world of high-society through the vivid imagery of Tobias, and perhaps even have a sense of who their favorite character may be. The critic is keen to note to the personal flaws of the leads, and effectively portrays the world in which they live. All of the information provided may cause readers to experience the early stages of “Tobias Fever.”

Tobias thrills in the final paragraphs of his The Counselor with stories of metaphors, philosophy and the brilliance of McCarthy’s characters. The critic refuses to spoil any plot points for the reader, but is rather interested in expressing the deeper aspects of what a McCarthy script means.

Tobias’ The Counselor is a seriously outstanding piece of work, and Scott Tobias should be proud. Fans of the critic will not only feel enlightened, but have something that may stay with them long after the final credits of the film.    

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