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Mark Kermode’s Review of “Catching Fire” Is One With the Zeitgeist

In response to Mark Kermode’s 878‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Observer [UK]

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Mark Kermode’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review” turns a knowing and jaundiced eye on the second installment of the young adult science fiction series.

Reading Kermode’s analysis of his subject movie is like listening to that snotty British grad student friend of yours during the ending credits who, though incredibly knowledgeable and interesting, is a little too snarky to tolerate for very long.

In fairness to Kermode his smarts and encyclopedic knowledge of movies vastly outweigh any sneering that seeps through his prose. His review is clearly of his time. Catching Fire Review makes ample consideration of the current zeitgeist’s fascination with teen heroines battling seemingly insurmountable evil and dueling male love interests.

Interestingly, and not to his subject movie’s detriment, Kermode teases out the influence of past movies in Catching Fire in such a manner that will send readers out to rent them. And his assertions about some of the reasons behind the switching of directors between the first and second movies and Jennifer Lawrence’s true worth to the entire series are fascinating in and of themselves.

Kermode’s review of makes for compelling reading for anyone interested in the deeper meaning and historical cinematic context of the latest hit movie at the megaplex.    

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