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Emma Dibdin’s “Bleak Drama” Is an Unappealing Vitriolic Rant

In response to Emma Dibdin’s 558‑word review of The Counselor on Digital Spy

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In “‘The Counselor Review: Michael Fassbender stars in bleak drama,” Emma Dibdin creates a very unpleasant experience, with the reader at the end feeling punch drunk or dirty, but not wiser for having read it.

Dibdin is constantly comparing the movie she’s reviewing to other films, and even to a television show at one point, which apparently did it better. This gets annoying after a while. Pity the poor reader who has never seen these other works the critic references.

The few valid points the reviewer makes have to be dragged out of what is an ongoing vitriolic rant, like searching for a few pieces of gold in a cesspool. Once you have finally pulled what little there is to be found, it really isn’t worth the effort. Perhaps the critic recognizes this by throwing in a couple of positive nuggets at the end that are actually insightful, but by this point the reader is too worn out to care.

There’s nothing wrong with a good rant now and then.   Even the most negative reviews can be entertaining if written with true skill and craft. Such is not the case here; the reader who decides to dredge through Bleak Drama will feel more like taking a shower afterwards.    

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