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Erick Weber Is Snarky in “Final Cut Call” and All Talk

In response to Erick Weber’s 497‑word review of Gravity on NECN

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Eric Weber appears to have plenty to say to mission control in “Final Cut Call: Gravity,” however when the moment of truth comes, the critic’s backup oxygen containers are nowhere to be found.

Final Cut Call devotes approximately 1/3 of the review to the critic’s mounting expectations, which make the obvious James Cameron connection, but nothing about the background of director Alfonso Cuaron.

Once the critic moves on to the summary, a paragraph of snarky prose is used to described the opening shot, but little opinion from Weber as to why the shot doesn’t work.

Final Cut Call moves on with a subtle shot at the camerawork of Cuaron, but once again offers little explanation. It’s as if Weber expects the audience to just take him on his word. It makes for a frustrating reading experience, especially given the contrarion position that Weber wishes to represent.  

The problem with Final Cut Call is that Weber resorts to snarky one liners such as “Cut the calamities” and “My recent ride onboard the Gravitron was less nauseating”, which come across as neither funny nor useful.

Final Cut Call has the potential to offer some decent criticism about the flaws of the film, however the critic appears far too disappointed to offer any substantial insight or reasoning as to why the techniques of the film fail.

If you’re looking for a whiny, fan-boy take, then Final Cut Call is for you. If you like high quality arguments, there are plenty of other fish in the sea to suit your tastes.    

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