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Ian Nathan’s “Gravity” Is a Wonderful, Near Perfect Experience

In response to Ian Nathan’s 1393‑word review of Gravity on Empire Magazine

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Ian Nathan’s “Gravity” is wonderful. It is an extremely well-written piece of film criticism coming from a modern day master. It’s confident, it’s fast-paced, it’s original, and it’s relentlessly entertaining. It is, in short, a masterpiece.

It’s a little bit ironic to start a work that is nearly 1400 words long (epic by any stretch of the imagination given the medium) with the phrase “Let’s cut to the chase.” It’s unclear if this is sincere or just another example of Nathan’s excellent sense of humor, showcased wryly and effectively throughout the piece.

The prose is simply breathtaking. There is ample evidence here that Nathan’s Gravity is the result of a lot of careful attention to detail and laborious reworking. The short, clipped establishing sentences give way to note-perfect descriptions that carry the reader along effortlessly. When a particular sentence is used twice as a punctuation to companion paragraphs, readers will be left in a hushed and awed silence. This is what an A game looks like.

While not without its flaws (Nathan spends a lot of time trying to make his Speed comparisons stick) the work is so original in its approach, and so thoroughly entertaining that none of that will matter. It’s not a short work (it doesn’t even try to feel short) but it’s a rewarding, wonderful work. You should read it right now.    

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