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James Kendrick’s “Gravity” Will Make You Feel Alive

In response to James Kendrick’s 960‑word review of Gravity on Q Network Film Desk

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James Kendrick is likely to cause a weekend stir with his latest sizzler, “Gravity. “ 

Kendrick’s Gravity is an experience that one must be ready for. Go to the gym, meditate and be sure to compose yourself before reading. The preparation will go a long way.

The paragraphs of Kendrick’s Gravity are all-embracing of the readers needs. Kendrick has crafted his work with the audience in mind, and slowly moves from point to point with words that will make readers weep with joy.

Kendrick’s Gravity opens with a rich opening that employs memorable phrasing to put one in outer space. Kendrick is gentle, but relentless, communicating sensory images and sprinkling them all over the reader. It’s a healthy dose of insight that audiences will be extremely thankful for.  

Kendrick takes a controlled approach in his handling of the film’s opening shot. The critic says it is 17 minutes, which is higher than most have it, however one cannot blame Kendrick for this minor flaw. Let the words consume you, and feel the joy of being educated.

Kendrick refuses to gush over the technicalities of the shot, but rather informs the reader as to how it is essential to the characters. Loyal fans will be appreciative of the attention shown to Sandra Bullock, and the poignant analysis on her role.

Kendrick’s Gravity is for the people. He has created a work that has a little bit for everybody and should not be missed.    

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