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Stephen Whitty Hammers Home the Puns With “No Sight for ‘Thor’ Eyes”

In response to Stephen Whitty’s 665‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Newark Star-Ledger

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As anyone who has ever had a goofy uncle knows, there is nothing more cringeworthy than a guy who just doesn’t know when to stop making bad puns. Stephen Whitty, perhaps feeling the pressure to live up to his name, scrapes the bottom of the pun barrel again and again in “‘The Dark World’ review: No sight for ‘Thor’ eyes.”

If you think that the puns stop with the eye-roller in the review’s title, think again. While he’s certainly not the first reviewer nor will he be the last to say “it’s hammer time” in relation to a Thor movie, it most definitely bespeaks a dearth of creativity. There is also the verbal ipecac that is the phrase “pecs appeal.” No, don’t go back and read that a second time. It won’t be any less painful.

If Whitty had spent a little less time amusing himself with his Whitticisms, he might have found the time and energy to write a review that was coherent and insightful. Alas, everyone’s a comic, but precious few can write truly high quality film criticism.

For the sort of goofy uncles and “fun dads” who trot out their best Austin Powers impression at every family picnic, No sight for ‘Thor’ eyes might be passably entertaining. For everyone else, it’s bound to be an eye roller of epic proportions.    

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