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William Bibbiani’s “Opinion: ‘Nebraska’” Conveys Meaning With Poignancy

In response to William Bibbiani’s 844‑word review of Nebraska on CraveOnline

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William Bibbiani’s “Second Opinion: ‘Nebraska’” is an interesting review with unique characteristics, including beautiful tone, reader connectivity, and embraceable style that unfolds into a revelatory narrative of author and story.

Bibbiani begins Second Opinion by plopping the reading audience right in the middle of his emotions, and then he lets them sit there until they feel completely immersed by unabashed personal disclosure. Reader immersion provokes a voyeuristic experience of movie watching that is quite satisfying.

Bibbiani maintains a thoroughly engaging writing style for the first few paragraphs, where he weaves dynamic writing style with sentiment and punchy language. He provides excellent plot summary, but he also gives away too much plot development right around the same time his emotional showing gives way to slightly boring over-telling.

By the last paragraph of Second Opinion, Bibbiani picks-up the emotions where he began, and in doing so, he provides a remarkably cohesive review. It’s amazing what the reader has learned once he finally shuts-up about the plot and offers a profound, insightful ending, where the reader again feels personally involved with the creative voice of the author. Overall, Bibbiani has created a movie review of consequence, artistic merit, and meaning for readers, film lovers, and mainstream watchers of Nebraska.    

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